Visual Merchandising for Corporate ODs

Corporate Optometry offices are small and some are outdated, remodeling your office can help with the image of your office.
We need to put our best foot forward for business success! Changing our appearance in our offices is critical our future growth. The most compelling reason behind an office makeover is the health of your patient practice.
A remodel generates profits simply through upgrade. An improvement can lead to higher gross sales and improve your practice status in the eyes of the patient. It will generate word of mouth referrals and bring in more patient flow. You will generate more money simply from perception. It is important that you take a critical look at you office appearance to determine if its promoting an image that you wish to portray. Visual merchandising can be a great way to attract patients and increase exam revenue.
These simple tasks will create a welcoming environment for patients of all ages with visual merchandising.

1. Tell your Story-You are the Doctor, show your credentials! Display diplomas, certificates, licensure.
Decorating your office with framed awards and other medical achievements is a powerful way for ODs to win the trust and respect of your patient.

Bulletin Board of Family photos, hobbies or even thank you card or holiday card from Patients!
This will create a family atmosphere in your office and possibly a conversation builder with patients in your exam chair. Being personable is important in building your practice! Use this bulletin board to make connections with patients! Satisfied patients will create loyal patients which lead to successful business!

2. Signage– Strategically placing signage in your office to promote specialty practices. Signs should be bold in color and placed at eye level. It should be an extension of your brand. Obvious location would be in your waiting room. Consider placing these signs throughout the host environment or windows facing the mall. The goal is to attract a potential patient walking by to get an eye exam. It could be as simple as ask us about color contacts or Lasik.

3. Display Ocular Disease or Eye Posters– These will make your exam room look more professional and is a great patient education tool.
Most of these posters can be purchased at a low cost. Place them on your walls and use them to educate patients on the importance of Eye Health and Sunglasses! This can be a great way to inform potential patients about the importance of an eye exam and spot light the technology that your office has compared to your competitors. Bold words or slogans can help amplify the affect- “No one takes care of your eyes better than us”

4. Technology- Incorporate technology with visual merchandising. Digital marketing visuals can be a great way create a brand experience for potential patients. Using technology can attract a potential new contact lens wearer or even an impulse buyer. The strategy that is chosen to display the images or content will target the patient that you want. This strategy should be changed every 3-4 months as seasons change and as new trends in healthcare or the eyecare industry come up.

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