Top Rules of Effective Personal Branding for ODs

The eye care industry is characterized by ever-increasing competition coupled with patients’ uncertainty about whom to consider for the treatment, where to buy their eye wear and contact lenses. It has become essential for eye care doctors to focus on building a personal brand to be able to differentiate themselves.

Here are the top rules for effective personal branding for optometrists.

1. Have 20/20 Vision

Clarity and focus are important when it comes to creating a personal brand for optometrists. Optometry is a diverse field that branches out into different areas of specialization. It might have sufficed in old times to just verbally say that you were an eye doctor, but today, thanks to the internet, patients can quickly gather a lot of information regarding any eye issues and eye wear. Rather than being just an optometrist, be more specific about what you do so that people are sure that you are the right person to consult for their issues. Know how patients view you online and in your office and make sure it is how you want to be viewed.

2. Tell, Don’t Sell

If you aren’t using the power of stories to create a personal brand for ODs, then you are already lagging behind.

Storytelling has been used since long to deliver meaningful messages that influence the patient’s mind and affect their decision-making process. To build a personal brand, narrate a story about your patients, i.e., your patients who benefited from your services in the past. This will have a lasting effect on prospective patients and encourage them to consider your brand to solve their eye care needs

3. Be Consistent but Stay Up-to-Date

Whether you have switched jobs from in corporate optometry to running a private practice or specialized in different areas, ensure that your objective remains the same throughout. However, keeping up to pace with the fast technological advancements in the industry is necessary. Show that you are up to date on the latestest trends on eye care or what you want to promote in your office. Be it sharing pictures of the modern equipment in your clinic or publishing articles in optometry journals.

4. Support Your Own Brand

Whatever message or values you impart on your target audience, show them that you follow the same in your daily life as well.

For instance, you can share a picture of treating a family member, a friend or any relative who benefited from your services. Not only will this help your patients relate to you on a closer, more friendly level, but also build their confidence in trusting your brand for their own eye problems.

5. Be Yourself

Last but not least, be your true self.

Focusing too hard on personal branding often leads to opposite results. Be genuine and authentic and center your attention on what you do and why you do it. After all, doing what you do best is the ultimate way to create a great personal brand that people will love and be proud to endorse. Be YOU!

Personal branding is a lifelong venture that requires sincere commitment and dedication to your work as well as having a firm belief in yourself. These tips on personal branding for optometrists will help you get started in the right direction so that you develop a practice that is well known by everyone.

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