Life Insurance and Disability Insurance for Optometrists

Corporate Optometry Nation interviews Samuel Waxman. We talk about life insurance policies and disability insurance for optometrists. What optometrists should look for and want they should do when picking out a plan. How it is so important to have life and disability insurance if you are self employed or employed.

Corporate Optometry Employment Model with Dr Laurie Lesser

Corporate Optometry Nation interviews Dr Laurie Lesser.  Dr. Lesser is an Area Doctor for South Florida Regional Eye Associates, affiliated with  America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses stores.  In this podcast we talk about the employment model of corporate optometry and how it might be the right fit for young ODs and females. Working in corporate optometry has many benefits. Listen in to the podcast to see if employment in corporate optometry is for you!

Personal Branding for Optometrists

Corporate Optometry Nation Podcast host Dr Maria Sampalis interviews Diane Diaz about personal branding. Personal branding has never been more important in the optometric industry until today. Being able to differentiate yourself from others is vital.  Your personal brand is what you want your patients to say about you, whether it is word of mouth or on social media or google. Your personal brand  needs to be consistent whether in the office or social media. It needs to be a friction less experience where patients or potential customers have the same experience.  Your brand creates trust in the community and can really build your own business. Listen in to the podcast on how , build your personal brand, create a brand image for your business, and how creating an experience is more important than being the lowest priced eye exam or products in your area and how to create value.  Read more about branding at the following links

Brand Image

Emotional Branding

Branding by Association

Diane Diaz Website

Build Your Brand