Signs of Fear-Based Work Environment

Do you feel discouraged and anxious every time you go back home from work? Do you feel that you don’t have a voice? Are you scared that if you say the wrong thing you will be spoken to? Notice the people around you, your co-workers might be feeling the same. Your workplace has a fear-based culture.

Trust and fear don’t go hand in hand. In a healthy work environment, managerial fear never overpowers trust. Either they trust you or they don’t. When the managers start worrying less about their employee’s

well-being and start worrying more about maintaining their status quo at any cost, it creates a toxic environment for the employees.

If you are still in doubt then here are seven unmistakable indications of a fear-based work environment

Your Focus is different.

In a fear-based work environment, everyone has to complete their daily targets. The only focus is on making goal. One cannot get motivated or be innovative if they are constantly told about only one focus. If your focus does not align you may be ignored, spoken to or labeled as not a team player.

Employees Get a Constant Reminder of Who the Boss Is

In a fear-based work environment, all the control is in the hands of the managers and the HR. They don’t listen, try to resolve issues with them or celebrate any successes. Titles and positions are used in the wrong way.

The Truth Doesn’t Matter

In a fear-based work environment, employees know that being truthful is of no use. The truth doesn’t matter there and no one wants to hear it. They are well aware that they will have to face consequences if they do so. It an OD brings something up, he or she is dismissed as complaining or not a team player.

Job Security

In a fear-based work environment, employees never know when they’ll lose their job. No matter how well they perform, it does not guarantee a longer employment span for them. They can be punished and terminated for a minor mistake or minor issue.

If you think that your work environment is not psychologically safe for you, there are two solutions to this problem. Either you quit because your talent and sanity are worth protecting or you simply stand up for yourself and demand the powers that be to do the right thing. But you have to be ready for whatever comes next. Hopefully, the outcome you receive is a positive one because you deserve great things!

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