Episode 1: Introduction to Corporate Optometry Nation Podcast

Corporate Optometry Nation
Corporate Optometry Nation
Episode 1: Introduction to Corporate Optometry Nation Podcast


Introduction to Corporate Optometry Nation podcast. Dr Maria Sampalis talks to Defocus Media about Corporate Optometry and Corporate Optometry Careers. How the Facebook group has grown and evolved over the years.  She discusses how  Corporate ODs can benefit from being a Facebook group member.  The new publication Corporate OD provides valuable insight on strategies in corporate optometry beyond clinical and practice management. Whether you are an established OD, new graduate in optometry or optometry student, this podcast will give you a flavor for what is to come in future podcasts. Don’t miss out the newest podcast in optometry!

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  1. Arlene Minkoff
    Arlene Minkoff says:

    Great job, Maria.
    I’m interested in the following for the future..
    1. Creating better efficiency
    2. Medical billing.
    3. can we promote products like fish oil etc for our corporate parent? Bruder masks?
    4. How can we convince our corporate partner that full scope is not going to take away from sales?
    5. Can we leverage our group to get discounts on equipment and software etc?
    6. Thanks for all you do.


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