How to use Snapchat to Attract Patients to your Practice

By Dr Sandi Eveleth

The following are a mix of ideas on how to use Snapchat to attract more ideal patients to your optometry practice .

Let’s take a quick look at how to define your “ideal patient” to start attracting more of them.
Here’s a quick exercise to help. Ask yourself this question:
If you could have ten to twenty new patients this week that were a clone of your
favorite patient, who would that be?
You know the patient I’m talking about – the one that pays on time, refers his or her
family members, is an evangelist for your specialty services, and never complains
about anything!

Before we get started on ideas and examples, I want to stress the
importance that your practice must also be setup to attract the same ideal patients. In
other words, is the tone, look, staff, and overall feel of the practice congruent with the ideal
patients who use Snapchat? Are you attracting millennials?
Finally, before setting up a Snapchat account for your practice and implementing the ideas
listed below, make sure you have a staff member who is preferably the same age as your
ideal patient or understands them well, knows how to use Snapchat, and is designated as
the sole person to take the snaps (with your approval, of course) initially. Eventually, you
may want to have a different staff member take snaps each day, so the personality of your
practice becomes obvious. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine!

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