How to use Content to bring your Brand Strategy to Life

You may have been led to believe that your brand and content strategy is the same thing, though they are not. They are two separate entities who may need each other to make sense.

The cycle basically goes:

Your brand strategy lets the content strategy know what is happening and what needs to be done, and then the content strategy helps bring the brand strategy to life. In the end, they both work towards the same goal and that is to strengthen and grow the brand.

However since many people still get confused between the two, let us have a look at what each of them is:

Brand strategy:

The brand strategy of a company is the blueprint that lays out how it will build the brand. It will outline who you are as the brand, what is your purpose, and how would you communicate that to your customers. These are the fundamentals of your business.

Content strategy:

The content strategy is the way the brand strategy of a business gets executed. It is a tool with which you communicate your brand to your customers.

However, the issue is that in a lot of businesses there is no link between the content strategy and the business strategy. In fact, some businesses do not develop a content strategy at all.

How to align your content and brand strategy

To construct a robust brand it is important that you work with the intention to do so. A well-constructed content strategy is important to prevent your brand from getting damaged.

This is why you need to employ some ways to make sure that your content strategy is rooted in your brand strategy.

Brand stories

Your brand strategy will include the message that you want to convey to your customers about your brand. It will help formulate the brand identity in the eyes of the customers. It all comes down to how you talk about your product or service, your employees and all the other people involved with the brands, and the history of your business. The brand stories can be further altered according to the different channels you wish to reach out through and the different target personas they wish to get to.

Link ideas with the personas you have made

Your brand strategy should have already devised and set personas and the ideas should be linked to them accordingly. When you come up with an idea as yourself:

* Will this help this certain persona solve their problem?

* Are there problems that only this persona struggles with?

* Would this persona find this idea useful?

Other than the standard personas that you have created, make sure to create additional personas to develop your content for. This will be especially helpful when you are coming up with different initiatives.

Align content with core values

Every company has certain values that they have kept at their core and that act as guidelines for the firm. The company needs to use these core values to garner customers. Customers are more likely to identify with or respect a company that is based and run on certain core values, and thus the content strategy will help communicate those to them.

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