Corporate Optical Brand Affects Your Professional Career Path

Some aspects of corporate optometry will change over time while other aspects to stick for many years. Employer branding is one aspect that could possibly define your career. Corporate ODs need to understand that the company that they work with has a lasting impression on their career if associated for more than five years.

Reputation by Association

The way the corporate optical portrays itself to the optical community can reflect upon you.  Corporate ODs should be aware of the positive and negative connotations of a corporate optical. Careful consideration of employment is very important. Make sure this is a company that you want to be affiliated with. Being affiliated with a corporate optical that has recognition throughout the country can also be a great way to jump start your career. The employer brand can have a strong foundation for networking with other companies and making your next career move. You want to be associated with a corporate optical that has opportunities to grow clinically and learn the optical business. As an OD, the more experience you have the more value that you can provide to that company and potential employers. Don’t get stuck doing routine eye exams, many corporate opticals have the latest technology and encourage medical model and have leadership positions for ODs as regional ODs.
Your name in the industry and community has great value that you should develop and protect that. Carefully linking yourself to corporate opticals with a positive image can boost your personal name as an OD. Being an affiliated Corporate OD can be prestigious and have more hidden value than one might imagine! Working for with high-profile company that is expanding creates get opportunities for growth for employees and ODs. It is up to you as the OD to see this potential!

Which Corporate Opticals have a strong employer brand?

It is as simple as analyzing the number of vacancies on optometry job websites. Ask your fellow eye care professionals including opticians and sales reps. There are corporate optical brands that have ODs asking for new positions or on a waiting list for a potential future opening!

What do I do if my Corporate Optical doesn’t have the strongest Employer Brand?

If you are affiliated with a company that is either negative or unknown, consider how you can use your education and experience to illustrate your importance within the organization and create opportunities for success. Illustrate your accomplishments, work ethic and ability to adapt from the image of that brand.  For example, suggesting an action plan that can create a positive image for the company in the optical community or even a better approach to OD engagement and retention.
To gain recognition from other companies in the industry consider strategies like blogging, video blogging , writing for industry journals and posting content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is underutilized among Corporate ODs but it has a powerful potential if taken advantage of.
Participating in the Corporate Optometry Facebook group will help you connect with current and past Corporate ODs at the same company. Your affiliation gives you an entrance to connect and build your own name in the industry. Recruiters are looking for candidates that are currently affiliated with well known corporate opticals. They search these candidates because they know the standards that those companies have for their employees to deliver great results and actively recruit  quality entrepreneurial ODs.

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