Building Your Practice with Dry Eye Drops: Harnessing the Convenience of Innovative Drops to Grow your practice.

By Dr. Maria Sampalis

Exciting developments in the dry eye space! I have made a commitment to help my
patients with the latest in dry eye treatments. My commitment to embracing the latest
innovations in eye care has helped me become a better provider and provide new ways
to approach and treat dry eye.
Want to help your dry eye patients who have tried many options but haven’t had relief?
When I discovered Regener-Eyes® I was thrilled to provide this drop to my patients.
Regener-Eyes is a proven technology that focuses on one of the real causes of dry
eyes, which is now being understood as hyperosmolarity. Regener-Eyes is a hypotonic
solution that helps relieve dryness of the eye. Regener-Eyes’ technology can help
create a balance, that can increase lubrication and hydration. This may help to prevent
further irritation of the eye, thereby promoting eye health.
I have my patients use the drop 2-4 times a day depending on the severity of the dry
eye. Mainly I use the Regener Eyes Lite version for my patients. I have my patients try it
and do a follow-up visit in 4 weeks. At that visit, I utilize slit lamp examination, as well as
close patient monitoring and I see great outcomes which means happy patients.
Regener-Eyes has been a great addition to my practice, and patients continue to stay
on the drop. It is a safe product and compliance is one of the greatest among other
Beyond the clinical aspects of the drop, Regener-Eyes provides a great ROI for your
practice. Patients are only able to get it directly through the company after an eye care
professional’s recommendation or buy it from a stocking eye care professional’s office.
As an OTC product that has great clinical outcomes, it generates great revenue for your
practice and creates patient retention.
Regener-Eyes represents a new way of addressing dry eye. Its proven formula not only
elevates patient care but also serves as a robust business builder for optometry
practices. Embracing Regener-Eyes not only ensures optimal results for our patients but
also positions our practice as a leader in providing cutting-edge solutions and fostering
long-term success.

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