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Building Your Practice with Dry Eye Drops: Harnessing the Convenience of Innovative Drops to Grow your practice.

By Dr. Maria Sampalis Exciting developments in the dry eye space! I have made a commitment to help mypatients with the latest in dry eye treatments. My commitment to embracing the latestinnovations in eye care has helped me become a better provider and provide new waysto approach and treat dry eye.Want to help your dry […]

88% of Employed Corporate ODs Need Angle Closure Kits.

The incidence of angle-closure glaucoma varies depending on the population and geographic location. In the United States, it is estimated that angle-closure glaucoma accounts for about 10% of all cases of glaucoma. The incidence of angle-closure glaucoma is higher in certain ethnic groups such as Asians and Eskimos. In these populations, the incidence can be […]

ODs want Executives in Optical Stores.

In recent news,  Starbucks’ new CEO Laxman Narasimhan says he plans to work once a month in one of the company’s stores in an effort to stay close to its culture and customers. He claims that it will help him understand the business by immersing himself in every part of the business.  Many times CEO’s […]

Corporate OD Reopening Survey

Corporate Optometry surveyed 348 corporate optometrists to see how many patients they will see an hour as they reopen their practice. Generally corporate opticals are high volume locations. Corporate ODs were provided ppe supplies by there corporate partners. All the safety precautions and protocols have been reinstated to provide a safe environment for the ODs, […]

Time to Close? 97% of Corporate ODs don’t have the resources to protect themselves against COVID-19.

Many Corporate ODs are working through the COVID-19 pandemic. Optometry offices are not considered essential services. Many state organizations have recommended optometrists to shut down their offices for 2 weeks. The CDC recommends no gatherings larger than 10+. With some offices seeing 4-6 patients an hour the office can exceed the CDC’s recommendation. Corporate OD […]