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Corporate OD Myths: Take 2

Starting a sublease in corporate optometry may seem like a daunting venture.  Based on what you’ve heard from friends, colleagues, and the internet, you may have heard a variety of conflicting opinions, leading you to doubt whether you are ready to start a career in corporate optometry and whether it is the right fit for […]


Ocular telehealth—providing on-demand comprehensive eye exams using remote digital connections— is a new concept in corporate optometry. The rapid development of new technologies is creating opportunities for sublease doctors–and providing greater access and better outcomes for patients. Among the different flavors of ocular telehealth is a model that includes a B2B in-store/practice comprehensive eye exam. […]

Digital Marketing Strategies for Optometrists

Digital marketing strategies to help optometrists with there business. Never before has digital marketing been more important. Digital marketing is a very expansive term that holds various different concepts within. The advancement of technology has brought about several marketing opportunities for businesses and individuals, alike. However, with the profuse amount of concepts and options out […]

Habits of Wealthy Optometrists

The habits of the wealthy optometrists Everybody wishes to have a career that they love that also has a lucrative salary. Everyone wishes to be the person who can afford whatever they want and whenever they want. That is what sets them apart from other people. However, the world will not just give you the […]

Ways to Grow your Facebook Page

Define your ideal patient One of the first things you’ll need to do to optimize your Facebook page* is to determine who you want to attract to your practice. What are the demographics and psychographics of your ideal patients. You know, THOSE patients you’d love to have booked in every appointment slot: they show up […]

Subleasing Corporate OD Survey

We are collecting information about sublease Corporate ODs. This is long and detailed but please do your best to fill it out completely so we can compile and share the results. All responses are completely anonymous and will not be traced back to any individual. Thanks so much for your help and we look forward […]