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Overcoming Optometrist Burnout in the Midst of Great Resignation

Burnout refers to a state of prolonged tension that affects your physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being.  After the coronavirus outbreak, the working environment has drastically changed for optometrists all over the world. If you find yourself constantly stressed, you may be experiencing signs of an optometrist burnout without realizing it. The good news is that […]

How to Talk About Payment Options With Your Patients

Financial management is key in running an optometry practice successfully. Talk about payment options with patients in an effective manner to increase the likelihood of payment, and improve client-provider relationship. If you feel too shy to discuss payment, tell yourself that you are running a business and deserve to be paid. Here are 3 basic […]

Top 5 Predictions for Optometry

Eye care will always have a demand as people will continue to require vision correction, eye disease treatment, and optical products and services. Developments in the field of optometry along with shifts in consumer demand is likely to bring forth several changes in the industry. Predictions are not guaranteed outcomes, but they are nevertheless formed […]

4 Qualities of a Successful Partner in Optometry

Group practices are becoming increasingly common in the field of optometry. More and more ODs are offering new doctors buy-in partnership opportunities to grow the practice with mutual collaboration. However, if done without proper examination and careful forethought, offering immediate partnership status can have devastating consequences for your practice. This article discusses the essential qualities […]

5 Reasons Why a Corporate Optometry Sublease Might be the Best Option During Recession

Subleasing space in corporate optometry might be the best option during a recession. Subleasing can come with particular challenges, but much less risk than starting a private practice cold during a recession. Subleasing starting costs are much less than starting a new practice. A successful optometry clinic is about finding a suitable location that attracts […]