Attracting new patients with Twitter

By Dr. Sandi Eveleth, aka “The Digi Doc”
Here are a list of ways to attracting new patients with twitter your optometry practice.

● Send out press releases to your local news outlets and let them know what you’re
now doing to incorporate Twitter into your practice (eg. letting them know about
your “selfie wall”, your “live” events, etc.) – position yourself as an eye care
practice on the cutting edge of social media technology .
○ Also consider running a promotion for a discount off of an eye exam or for a
$5 gift card to a local coffee shop. Let the news outlets know about this
promotion as part of the press release.
● Promote your Twitter account on all of your other social media platforms to let
potential ideal patients, their friends, and families know you are now on Twitter.
● Hold special events at your office and be sure to invite key Twitter Influencers that
fit the ideal patient profile.
● Have weekly “Eye Care FAQs” sessions to explain routine eye care, specialty
services, eye diseases, and more.
● Get involved in your community and bring Twitter with you! Let people see you
using Twitter when you’re out in the community and explain to them that your using
it to help your patients. You may create enough of a buzz to attract new patients.
Also, if you perform any kind of fundraisers at your office, make sure (with their
permission, of course) you include using Twitter to capture the event.
○ Consider holding a “Tweetup” at your office and offer an in-person contest
to win a pair of plano sunglasses.
● *Find topics your potential, ideal patients may be “tweeting about” and
answer their questions with a video answer or quick tweet reply.
○ For example, look for local tweets that mention questions about computer
eye strain – the tweet may include a phrase that includes a “hashtag” that
may look like this: #ComputerEyestrain.
○ To search for Twitter users using this technique, go to Twitter’s advanced
search tool . Make sure you add your practice’s location to tap into the local
market. This is a very powerful tool and can win you patients by getting them
to know, like and trust you quickly.

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