4 Qualities of a Successful Partner in Optometry

Group practices are becoming increasingly common in the field of optometry. More and more ODs are offering new doctors buy-in partnership opportunities to grow the practice with mutual collaboration. However, if done without proper examination and careful forethought, offering immediate partnership status can have devastating consequences for your practice. This article discusses the essential qualities of a successful partner that you need to look for before entering into the agreement.

4 Qualities of a Successful Partner

For the partnership to open up new avenues and provide growth opportunities for the practice, the new doctor must have:

1. A Proven Record of Clinical Productivity

Once they enter into practice partnership, doctors usually expect an increase in their income. This cannot always happen unless the new doctor puts in due hard work for ensuring growth and improving business profitability. This, in turn, requires them to be a competent worker and demonstrate their productivity in the clinic. Your potential partner must have a strong work ethic, possess entrepreneurial grit, and be self-motivated in helping the practice grow.

2. A Strong Rapport with Other Doctors and Staff

No practice can succeed without the joint support of the entire team. The ability to build strong relationships with the clinic staff is one of the most essential qualities of a successful partner you need to watch out for. The understanding goes both ways. The new doctor must be as comfortable working with the team as the team is with them. Make sure that everyone starts on the right foot and establish good relationships right from the beginning. If there is any discord between the members, you must deal with it immediately; otherwise, it can culminate into bigger problems for your practice.

3. Excellent Understanding with Patients

Clinical and managerial skills are important for an eye doctor who wishes to run their practice successfully. However, these skills will be of little benefit if you are unable to maintain patient satisfaction. Therefore, before you consider entering into a partnership, make sure that the new doctor is able to provide a high level of patient satisfaction. It can help to conduct a survey among their patients as they can provide proper feedback on the care they received. You should also communicate with other team members to determine whether patients are comfortable with the new doctor or wish to switch to another eye care provider.

4. A Knack for Marketing and Administrative Duties

When welcoming a new doctor on board, you should expect your income to decrease – unless the new member helps increase practice profitability. It may be just a short-term effect, or it can become a lasting problem. It mostly depends on how well you can promote your practice and maintain a steady influx of patients. Put simply, the new doctor must also play their part in building the business by marketing the practice, using referrals, enhancing the procedure, and employing other tactics to ensure sustained growth. The general rule of thumb is that partners should dedicate a minimum of eight to ten hours per week to the marketing and managerial work.

If you want to achieve stability and maintain profitability for your practice, it’s essential to ensure that the new doctor meets the criteria for a successful partnership.

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