Great Expectations in Eye Care

Reflecting on the past years, I’ve encountered many different people whom I admired for their significant accomplishments. I followed them on LinkedIn, read their articles, and tried to engage in conversations with them, ask them to mentor me. Inquiring about their perspectives on the industry, future predictions for eye care, strategic approaches, and influencing visions has always been a passion of mine. Discussing how shifts within our industry can echo throughout, both in the present and a decade down the line. There’s an innate futuristic inclination within me, driving my ambition to achieve various career milestones. For me, it’s not just about embracing challenges; it’s about thriving on them. I deeply respect individuals within our field who challenge the established norms, remaining independent of sponsor influence or fear-based tactics. I looked up to successful entrepreneurs who embodied the vision I had for myself – to be a self-employed business owner, enjoying the freedom to chart my own course.

Early in my career, I held executives in high regard, believing that their expertise extended across the expansive landscape of eye care management, spanning numerous locations. Their leadership titles carried significant weight in my mind, and I admired them for their accomplishments in steering large organizations. However, this perception was met with disappointment as I embarked on my journey as an aspiring entrepreneur. Engaging with these executives, I discovered that many lacked a comprehensive understanding of the latest industry trends or specific business metrics. Some even reacted negatively to my inquiries, which puzzled me as a young optometrist eager to discuss innovative strategies and business model implementations. Reflecting on these interactions, I now realize that their frustration stemmed from their own uncertainty and lack of answers rather than any fault of mine for asking questions.

Over the years, some interactions proved fleeting, ending after brief encounters at conferences without any further continuation. In contrast, a few interactions did lead to minor opportunities, primarily benefiting the executive involved. The underlying notion behind these one-sided opportunities was the promise that their network would be made aware of our collaboration, only for no mention of it.

Collaborations sometimes led to helping others achieve their objectives, only for my own business goals to be undermined or ideas appropriated without credit. Career advancement often involved navigating through political dynamics. Yet, regardless of these challenges, maintaining resilience and grit has been crucial in upholding high expectations.

Chasing after career dreams usually requires ambition, determination, and the longing for personal satisfaction. No matter the disappointments you may face, understand that the greatest expectations are that you keep you aiming high. Continue to improve and embrace the disappointments, those the the key moments in your career that make you different then others.

What you offer may not always be returned, but aiming high to accomplish more, discover more about yourself, is truly thrilling! It’s important to take lessons from others’ missteps and dare to change the status quo. When you have great expectations you have the ability to make a tremendous impact. You don’t have to conform all the time; forging your own path is empowering. Those who carve out their own journey to success are harder to bring down than those who rely solely on others’ support.