Optometry in Australia

Corporate Optometry Nation latest podcast.
Dr. Matthew Sheehan and explores the importance of optics in an optometry day to day professional life. He also talks a bit about optometry in Australia and how its coming along compared to other parts of the world.

Online Retailers

Corporate Optometry Nation partners with the Primary Eye Guys to talk about Online Retailers.

Academics and Teaching Optometry in Ireland.

Corporate Optometry Nation partners with Primary Eye Eyes to talk about academics in Ireland. Featured guest is Dr Catriona Barrett.

What Failure Can Teach You that Success Can’t

Corporate Optometry Nation partners with the Primary Eye Guys on this podcast. They discuss how their failures have shaped them. Learn to embrace failure in your career in optometry. The best lessons are the ones you learn from putting in the work and being able to continue despite the failures.

Nationwide Vision with Dr Richard Marrotte

Corporate Optometry Nation interviews Dr Marrotte from Nationwide Vision. Dr Marrotte is the Professional Director of Nationwide Vision in Florida. This corporate optical focuses on the medical model of optometry and requires all their optometrists to have a DEA license and practice full scope. Many offices have exam lane as well as a retinal camera and visual field so that patients can continue their care with Nationwide Vision. Nationwide Vision started in Arizona and has expanded to Florida, Nevada and South Dakota. Listen in to learn more and what job opportunities might be available.


Dr. Richard Marrotte received his his Doctor of Optometry degree in 1985 from the new England College of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts.  He is a Board Certified Optometric Physician here in Florida and he has been licensed in both Massachusetts and California.

He was in Private Practice for over 26 years in the Boca Raton, Florida area and his Specialties include Keratoconus, LASER Vision Correction, Neuro-Optometry for Stroke and Brain Injury and All Types of Contact Lenses. He is a Certified LASER Vision Correction Consultant.

Episode 5: Grow your Optometric Practice with Digital Marketing

Grow your Optometric Practice with Digital Marketing.

Corporate Optometry Nation talks to Dr Sandi Eveleth about digital marketing.

We discuss digital marketing strategies for your optometric practice that are free or low cost for any budgets.

We talk about Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, internal marketing, external marketing strategies.

Learn how to build your SEO ranking and ratings on the web.  Learn how to market your practice can market your company online and offline effectively and maximize your profits.

Personal Branding for Optometrists

Corporate Optometry Nation Podcast host Dr Maria Sampalis interviews Diane Diaz about personal branding. Personal branding has never been more important in the optometric industry until today. Being able to differentiate yourself from others is vital.  Your personal brand is what you want your patients to say about you, whether it is word of mouth or on social media or google. Your personal brand  needs to be consistent whether in the office or social media. It needs to be a friction less experience where patients or potential customers have the same experience.  Your brand creates trust in the community and can really build your own business. Listen in to the podcast on how , build your personal brand, create a brand image for your business, and how creating an experience is more important than being the lowest priced eye exam or products in your area and how to create value.  Read more about branding at the following links

Brand Image

Emotional Branding

Branding by Association

Diane Diaz Website

Build Your Brand

Episode 1: Introduction to Corporate Optometry Nation Podcast


Introduction to Corporate Optometry Nation podcast. Dr Maria Sampalis talks to Defocus Media about Corporate Optometry and Corporate Optometry Careers. How the Facebook group has grown and evolved over the years.  She discusses how  Corporate ODs can benefit from being a Facebook group member.  The new publication Corporate OD provides valuable insight on strategies in corporate optometry beyond clinical and practice management. Whether you are an established OD, new graduate in optometry or optometry student, this podcast will give you a flavor for what is to come in future podcasts. Don’t miss out the newest podcast in optometry!